Director of Research at Newcomb Institute:

In this role, I facilitate the production and dissemination of academic research to the broader community. I encourage faculty to work with undergraduate women research assistants and to translate their academic research into reports that are easily digestible by a non-academic audience. Among other initiatives, this work has led to the development of the New Orleans Maternal and Child Health Coalition.

Co-Chair of the New Orleans Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network: 

Along with my co-chair, I create and execute programming for local scholars to encourage public scholarship and engagement between university researchers and local policymakers. Recent programs have included media training, workshops for scholars to participate in judicial proceedings, and a self-promotion workshop for graduate students. In 2020, our chapter co-hosted a state-wide voter summit for undergraduate organizers across Louisiana to prepare for the 2020 election.

Adminstrative Assistant Professor of Women’s Political Leadership at Newcomb Institute: 

Serving as the advisor for NI’s Women and Politics organization, I have worked with student leaders on campus to host voter registration drives and carpools to the polls, as well as bringing to campus Elect Her, a program designed to encourage young women to run for student government. Following the 2016 election, I organized the trip of over 50 of our students to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and in spring of 2018, I supervised a trip to Washington for our Spark Residential Learning Community. In 2021, I will host the first CAWP NEW Leadership program in Louisiana to train undergraduate students for political engagement.


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